What I Didn't Get From The Presidential Debates!

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While watching the last two presidential debates, something struck me a little that I thought I would share.  I noticed that in all of the discussions, moral arguments did not play a very big part.  The debates seemed like they were mostly centered on economics, foreign policy and energy.  Why didn’t they hash out more controversial subjects like abortion or prayer in schools or displaying scripture on Government buildings? 

Those topics certainly matter to Christians, who by the way like to vote!  I don’t really know what President Obama believes and I understand that Governor Romney is a Mormon.  Unfortunately, I know about the Mormon beliefs and that sort of bothers me as an evangelical Christian.  I do know this about Mormons, though I don’t believe in their theology, they generally are great models for family and community.  They seem to really know how to take care of their own and others; which is a very God-Like trait. 

When I look at the two candidates, I’m personally looking for the man that best represents America as the county I believe is most blessed by God.  I would hope that the person that wins this election will devote a significant time in prayer and will make decisions that would be blessed by God.  I always felt that George Bush tried to do that.  I think he spent a great deal of time in prayer and had a desire to honor God with his decisions.  I’m sure he failed from time to time but that’s being human. 

What bothers me the most about these two candidates is that neither candidate seems to speak about a personal relationship with Christ and I want that in my president! Call me outdated and foolish but I think that matters.  I think a Christian president is better simply because they have the Holy Spirit to guide them when their moral compass is tested.  I believe that God will indeed shed his Grace on Thee if that Thee is willing to give that Glory back to God.

Regardless of the outcome, I will have faith that God will put the right man on the seat of the presidency.  That person may or may not suit me and I may or may not like their beliefs and policies but I also believe that God can make good out of any situation and I remain hopeful that God’s plan will prevail regardless.  In any case, I believe I will devote more time in prayer for the president this next 4 years.  My first prayer is that the man and his family get to know Jesus and form a relationship with Him.  My next prayer is that the decisions that he will make are morally strong.  I’ll of course, pray for a better economic situation, easing tensions with our Foreign Policy and of course the right path for our energy needs but in all things I’ll pray that God’s will be done!

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