Dear God..."Thank You For Listening"

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Dear God.....
Thank you for sending Jesus to the world to save us from our sins. Also, I want to say thank you for my family. Thank you for my pet, Rusty. Thank you for all my friends and thank you for letting me be born healthy. I also need to say thank you for watching over me. Thank you for great food.
Kevin age 9

Thanksgiving was quickly approaching...the start of the holiday season. It was a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, the lesson for that particular Sunday morning was on prayer. As I walked down the hall, peeking into the classrooms, I noticed that the children were engaged in learning and focused on the lesson as they shared and participated in the planned activities of the day. Teachers were using creative teaching methods to engage the children as they imparted God’s word on prayer. It was at the end of the lesson that children were asked to write a prayer of thanks to God. For some children this activity was a bit of a challenge, due to their lack of understanding and knowledge of prayer. However, for most of the children this assignment was very easy to complete because they prayed to God every day. The prayer above was written by a fourth grade boy on that day, giving thanks to God with a child’s understanding of thankfulness.

Prayer is our direct line to God. It is the way God has provided for us to communicate with Him. In the Old and the New Testament, prayers were lifted up to God through petitions, repentance, praise, and thanksgiving. When we teach our children to seek God with all of their heart, soul, and mind through the avenue of prayer, we are encouraging them to have access to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the One who hears all, knows all, and will commune with all who ask. His gifts, benefits, and blessings out-way anything we have to offer and His access will provide us with peace and joy.

Teaching children to pray to Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, our Father, our Teacher, our Guide, and our Friend is foundational in their understanding of who God is. Children who commune with God through prayer will develop a deeper understanding of who He is and His sovereign power over their lives. When a child has this understanding regarding prayer, then he or she will be equipped to face the problems of this world.

When we pray with children, do we teach them the significance, importance, and the reason why we pray? Do we model prayer as submission and communication to God? Do we allow children to pray in the classroom and allow them to share how God has answered their prayers? If we desire for children to seek an intimate relationship with God, then we must take prayer seriously and encourage them to seek God through prayer and to thank Him for all His answers.

Dear God...Thank You for Listening!

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