Embrace Christmas With a Loving Heart!

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As we approach Christmas let your heart be full of the love of Jesus.  Embrace the only one who can bring love, joy, peace, and hope everyday of the year.  This Christmas receive the love of Jesus who is God's gift to the world and the only reason to celebrate this season.

O Come let us adore Him...

He is ...     Christ...the Lord

He is ...     Holy

He is ...     Redeemer

He is ...     Immanuel

He is ...     Son of God

He is ...     Truth

He is ...     Magnificent

He is ...     All we need

He is ...     Savior

As we approach this day...spend time rejoicing and praising God for sending His son.  He is the free gift from God to anyone who will embrace Him with a loving heart.  He will change your heart forever!

Merry Christmas!

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