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Being organized, having enough material, and planning activities according to your Sunday school lesson can at times be challenging.  Have you ever prepared a Bible lesson from the required curriculum and not had enough material to fill the time? Or better yet, the material in the curriculum book does not meet the needs of your students?  Have you ever had to scramble and search for additional activities, crafts, games, and handouts?  Below is another activity that can be used in the classroom when additional material is needed.  

Name That Person


Help kids learn about the people in the Bible.  Use this fun Bible facts sheet as a


ten to fifteen minute additional activity in the classroom.


Age: 6 year olds - 12 year olds 


Adjust according to age appropriateness




Make copies of this handout and place in the elementary classrooms before


Sunday school.


How to Use:


Give each child a handout and allow five to ten minutes to answer the questions. 


After ten minutes, review and answer the questions with the class.  Discuss any


important facts about each Bible character that is relevant and age appropriate


for learning.  


Deeper Understanding: 


For deeper learning have ten to twelve year olds write the reference


verse related to the question next to the persons name.


I named all of the animals, who am I?  ___________________________________


I had a son named Isaac, who am I? ____________________________________


I built a big boat, who am I?____________________________________________


I led the people in rebellion against God when we built the tower of Babel, who am I? ____________________________________________________________


I am the twin brother who gave up my birthright, who am I?__________________


I fought the battle of Jericho, who am I? _________________________________


I lived in a big fish for 3 days, who am I?_________________________________


I killed the Philistine giant named Goliath, who am I? _______________________


I am the man after God’s own heart, who am I?____________________________


I was taken to heaven in a whirlwind, who am I? ___________________________


I am known as the wises man to ever live, who am I? ______________________


All of my strength was related to my hair, who am I? _______________________


My father gave me a coat of many colors, who am I? _______________________


God changed my name to Israel, who am I? ______________________________


I was the queen of Persia, who am I? ____________________________________


My redeemer was Boaz, who am I? _____________________________________


I received the 10 Commandments, who am I? _____________________________


I was thrown into the lions den, who am I? ________________________________


We were thrown into the fiery furnace because we would not bow down to a false god, who are we? ____________________________________________________


What are our Hebrew names? __________________________________________


I was formed from a rib, who am I? _____________________________________


May God bless you and your time teaching the kids!

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