Here Comes The Bride - Impacting Lives From Generation to Generation

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The candles were lit - shining brightly in the midst of the moment.  The musician was playing a sweet melody on the piano, setting the mood for the evening.  The guests were all seated and the bridal party was in place – everyone was waiting with great anticipation for that special moment. 

 The time had finally come for the bride to make her grand appearance.  At that moment I was signaled to stand, the music changed, and the doors in the back of the church sanctuary swung open – and standing there in the doorway was the most beautiful bride I had ever seen.  

Our daughter was dressed all in white looking like an angel as she illuminated the church with her presence.  She began her walk down the aisle with such beauty and grace…and she was aglow with joy as she took in the moment she had been waiting for so long.  

As my husband escorted her down the aisle, I tried to hold back tears as thoughts flooded my mind of the many special memories we had shared together as mother and daughter.  Numerous emotions were surfacing as she approached me.  Then I joined her, along with my husband, as we all walked to the altar together.  There at the altar was our former pastor and friend…and then he posed that familiar question; “Who gives this bride to be married to this man?”   My husband replied, “Her mother and I.”

It occurred to me at that very moment that I no longer would have the same relationship with our daughter of 25 years.  She was no longer the responsibility of my husband and me, but was to become the responsibility of her new husband.  Yes, we would continue to offer wisdom, guidance, and encouragement as parents, but the life long relationship we had enjoyed was about to change.  She was moving from her primary role as a daughter into her new role as a wife.   

Pastor Gregg then offered a few words of encouragement and reflection to Ashly and her husband-to-be, Hunter.  It was then that we all shed tears – tears of happiness and joy.  You see, Gregg was our pastor for many years back in Auburn, Kansas and it was Gregg that God used to lead Ashly to Christ at the age of 5.  He was also the one who baptized her on December the 2nd, 1990.  Now, 20 years later, he was involved and playing an instrumental role in her wedding ceremony.  Pastor Gregg impacted Ashly’s spiritual life while she was young and growing up and he continues to hold a special place in her heart today,as she often recalls the Godly guidance and wisdom he has shared with her over the years. 

When we minister to children, do we regularly pray for God to use us to impact their lives with spiritual truth?  Do we teach the children to grow in their faith and in obedience to God’s word?  Is God using you to impact a generation now, in order to impact the next generation?  God desires for no one to perish, but for all to come to a saving knowledge of His son Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:9, c.f. John 3:16). 

Thank you for impacting the lives of children!

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