The Importance of Touch (Part 1)

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What’s this? Who are you handing me to, Mom and Dad? Who are these people? I’m scared. I want to stay with you. Why aren’t you listening to me? Mom! Dad! Help me!
Oh. You’re holding me. You’re rubbing my back. You’re warm. I like it when you hold me close, my tummy against you.

You’re singing now? I love that song. Can you sing it again? Again? Again? That song never gets old. Okay. I changed my mind. It’s ‘old hat’ now. I’m bor-red.  
Bubbles? You have bubbles. How pretty. I want to touch one. No. No. I don’t. One just popped on my nose. Too close! Too close!
Now I’m hungry. ‘Mommy said not to feed me until 10:30?’ This is unacceptable! Oh. You’re standing up and swaying with me now. That reminds me of when I was inside Mommy and I would sway back and forth inside her.
When is it 10:30? Now? Now? Now? I bet it is. I’m going to tell Mommy that it’s 10:30 and you haven’t fed me yet.
What are you doing? Oh. You’ve got an arm under my tummy and your other arm supporting my neck and head. I like this hold. You can see all kinds of things on the floor this way. There’s my lovey. I want it now. Now. Now I have my lovey. Whoops. Dropped it. I want to see if you’ll pick it up again. Good. You fell for it. ‘Whoops, I dropped it.’
Now it’s 10:30? Finally. Ahhh, the bottle.
I love it when you rock me while you feed me. Funny, I’m starting to feel sleepy….
Huh? Where am I? Mommy! You’re back. Nap? No, I didn’t nap. I didn’t close my eyes for a minute. I don’t know why this nice lady says “I was asleep for about 20 minutes”.
Pick me up, Mommy.
Yes, Mommy. I’m smiling at the nice lady.
I like this nice lady. She held me.

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