John 3:16 Valentine Craft

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Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to share about God’s love with your children or your Sunday school class. One of my favorite crafts I’ve seen recently is a John 3:16 heart coloring page.

The heart contains the acrostic word “valentine,” and includes the verse John 3:16.

If you wanted, you could also modify the craft to make Valentine cards with the coloring page template.

I love that the craft is fun, simple, and requires minimal materials.

I also love that it is easy to incorporate the gospel message. Simply walk kids through the verse using the simple salvation outline of what God wants people to know: (1) His love, (2) His gift, and (3) His offer of salvation.

For further suggestions on using John 3:16 to share the Gospel check out EvanTell’s  article “How to Share the Gospel with One Verse.”

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