Loving, Learning, and Living God’s Word

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Recently, I downloaded a free eBook called “21 Ways to Love, Learn, and Live God’s Word” from the David C. Cook Ministry. (You can go here to access your own free copy.)

Near the beginning it sites research stating that the percentage of American adults who report reading the Bible every week has dropped from 46 to 37 percent in the past decade. Among millennials that percentage is even lower at 24 percent.

Sounds a little discouraging, especially considering the importance of Scripture reading to a believer’s spiritual growth. Yet, research also shows that many people who increase their reading do so because the Bible was made more accessible to them by their church.

This suggests that encouraging your fellow believers to read and study the Bible yields positive results. Though this eBook formats the material with church leaders in mind, the information could be adapted for use by almost any believer and used in the church or in your own family.

The title kind of gives this away, but this resource lists 21 ideas for engaging people with the Bible. For example, giving the gift of God’s Word during special milestones.  This might be when someone is baptized or perhaps graduates from high school.

Another suggestion listed is journaling God’s Word using the SOAP method.

  • S stands for Scripture: write down a verse of passage
  • O stands for Observation: write down key points
  • A stands for Application: write down ways to live out the message
  • P stands for Prayer: thank God for what you have learned in his Word

Throughout the guide several additional resources are suggested within the 21 different ideas. Some of the resources listed cost money, but many are free. For example, a recommended video-based Scripture app in American Sign Language provided by the Deaf Bible Society, or The Bible App for Kids from YouVersion.

Overall, this is a great resource for those looking for ways to engage their family or their church in more Scripture reading. (Again, visit here to download the free eBook).

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