Three Ways to Involve Children in Ministry

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It’s easy to google for fall outreach ideas for ministering to children, but it is not nearly as easy to find ways to encourage children to reach out to others. While it is important for us to model outreach to the children in our lives, it is essential that we teach them how to serve. We must not communicate the idea that ministry is for adults only.

Gospel Message
We often evangelize children, but how often do we teach them techniques for sharing Christ with their peers? After we share the gospel, have them practice witnessing with each other in a Sunday school class setting. One good resource is the CrossTalk tract, which folds out in the shape of a cross as you walk through the gospel message. Another resource is the Evangecube, which doesn’t require the ability to read.

After they’ve practice with witnessing to each other, brainstorm ways which they might be able to reach out to other kids and adults they know (i.e. school, neighbors, family members, etc.).

Community Service
After you’ve trained your children in evangelism, provides ways for them to get involved in the community. This could include taking a couple of children from the church out to do visit new families, particularly if the family has children their own age.  What a great way to welcome them!

You might also consider taking them to a nursing home to minister to the people through songs or skits, or have them write encouraging notes for their school teachers. The possibilities are endless once the brainstorming begins.

Around the World
Don't stop with your community. Encourage your children to develop a heart for other cultures and people around the world. One idea is to encourage the children to raise money for a special project (i.e. mosquito nets, shoes for an orphan, etc.). Or perhaps partner with Samaritan Purse’s Operation Christmas Child and  have each Sunday school class in your church fill a shoe box full of items to send to an orphan at Christmas.

Again, the list of possibilities is practically endless. What ways have you seen churches encourage children to minister to and serve others?

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