Bad Days Happen

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The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

School has returned our lives to a routine of early morning hours, nighttime homework, field trips and yes those endless questions. There are children whose favorite word is “why.” Sometimes you can answer them and sometimes you just have to admit that you are just as stumped. There are no wizards but there is google and more importantly, there is God’s Word. And yes there will be those terrible, no good, very bad days.

When your child comes home with questions like why is so and so mean to me, you need to stop; pray and ask the Holy Spirit for wise words of wisdom. Backtrack through the question to the problem itself. Asking the 5W’s and an H will help you. Where did this happen? When did it happen? Why do you think it happened?  Who is “so and so;” does this person have a name? What really happened? Did you seek help from the teacher? Did you talk to this friend about this problem? Getting a child to think analytically through a problem usually helps them to see that so and so might have been mean because of something your child did. In the eventuality that they are the innocent party, you can then develop with them constructive answers and solutions.

Let your child know that adults face the meanies of this world just like they do and yes they too have terrible, no good, very bad days. Sometimes you just need to ignore the meanies and other times you need a strategy. However, should this escalate, it is time to jot a short note to the teacher seeking her assistance. Crafting the note with the child’s help is key so they know you are on their side. Example:  Tonight we discussed this ongoing incident and we need your help. Leave out judgments. Leave out emotion-filled words. State the facts. Then pray with your child and leave it with God. A good verse to put into your child’s memory arsenal: Psa 56:9  I know that God is on my side.

Yes, there will be more of the terrible, no good, very bad days but the sunshiny days will outweigh them two to one. These are the teachable moments for you and the child.   

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