What is Important?

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What is important?

After reading again today the obituary of a precious dad and father my thoughts ran back to 2011 when we lost the last of our parents. They had lived a robust life and loved living on the farm amidst tractors and plants. Daddy F. loved the new fallen snow and loved going out to use his favorite tool, the snow-blower---even at the ripe old age of 95! I had prayed that Mother B would live to celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary and God answered. Daddy F. died 18 days later. It was bittersweet.

Why do I share that personal story? It is because as my son grew up he spent summers with them learning how to grow tomatoes, cabbage and corn and then going to market at 4 a.m. on Saturday mornings. What precious memories he has of that time. On the weekends his other grandma, my mom, GiGi took him off on adventures that gave him the wanderlust she so loved and craved. He learned about treasures and the thrill of adventure.

Sadly, growing up I had grandparents and a father for only a short time and they were gone. I never had those memories and as I grow older only pictures tell the stories of their life and people I never knew. What about you? Are you making memories connecting generations? Are you making sure you take time to visit, call, and share in their lives? Oh, but you say they live so far away! Beloved, our parents lived hundreds of miles away but we saved our pennies to be sure that our son had memories I never had. Plane tickets were pricey but the memories made are eternal.

If you have not made the effort to build memories, may I encourage you to do just that? It will be memories that are eternal.

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