Are Teens Really a Lost Generation?

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"Teens are a lost generation."

          I don't believe this to be true but I have heard this statement many times. The term "lost" in this regard is to say they are unreachable or worse, unsalvageable. The truth is, they aren't lost and definitely not unsalvageable.


        It would be more accurate to say that teens are misguided. But not by their peers or society or by the sinful exploitations of television. They are misguided by us-their parents and christian leaders. We continually point out the deficit in this generation yet we fail to make positive changes toward securing them for Christ. Positive changes do not include more programing at church or more structured discipline for them at home. Not that either of these are bad; however, teens need something far greater. They need the positive change that comes from modern godly examples.

         Teens already know what TO do and what NOT to do. What they lack is the discipline that comes with experience and the EXAMPLES of discipline that come from godly people. These years are pivotal as they seek to process and formulate all they have been told and it is vital that they have a reliable Christian influence. True stories of perseverance. Regrettably, these stories are hard to find. Divorce is skyrocketing-especially among Christian families, churches split over petty indifferences, and much of the world suffers from depression and indifference brought on by their circumstances.

          Circumstances are a natural part of life and it is immature naive thinking to expect not have to deal with hardships. They will either derail your faith or detail and refine godly character. We admire "bootstrap" living but we never strive to achieve it for ourselves. When circumstances get tough we retreat and hide behind the excuse of can't and shouldn't have to. When things seemingly crumble, and people fall short of our expectations, we give up and blame God. With this example in place, it is no wonder teens rebel against authority and traditional structures and abandon the faith.

         We have everything we could ever need in Jesus Christ. When He becomes all we want, only then can we begin to live a disciplined life with godly integrity.

          Teens are looking for modern examples of godly people living a disciplined life of integrity. Will that be you?

          Temptation develops perseverance,

                    perseverance develops character,

                              character determines actions,

                                        actions reflect the heart.

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