Letting Go

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“Sometimes you have to let go of the good to do the great.” Mary Demuth

I heard these words at a Christian writer’s conference this past week where one of the speakers delivered them to a group of 100 or so...but I knew they were for me.  As a chronic “yes” person who thrives on helping and serving, I knew that God was telling me it is time to focus. As I relay these words to you, no doubt there is at least one person who will say, “These words are for me!” 

Maybe you are involved in too much and need to choose to do fewer things better.

Maybe your Children’s ministry has multiple good programs but you are feeling the need to focus on a couple great ones. 

Whatever the case, I know letting go, especially of something good, is difficult; however, letting go doesn’t always mean giving up. When doing so for the sake of the Lord, it’s called surrendering or yielding. As you look at the pieces of your life or programs of your ministry this week, surrender them all to God and allow Him to show you where it is time to let go. 

Letting Go will do two things. 

First, it will free you up to focus and enjoy the ministry God has for you. It is difficult to think that serving the Lord and doing His work could ever be bad; however, if we are serving outside of where God purposed for us, it is not only a distraction to our own ministry but a hinderance to the calling of others. Which brings me to the second thing. 

Second, it will allow others to step up in obedience to the Lord and serve. As doers, we have a hard time hearing a need and not filling it. If we are too quick to respond; then, it let’s reluctant doers off the hook. God is undoubtably working on other people to respond and obey His call. They know that if they wait long enough, someone else will do it-or more specifically, you will do it. 

Surrender all to God and ask Him to show you what He has for you. It’s time to let go. 

Matthew 11:29

Deuteronomy 28:1

James 1:5 

Psalm 9:10

Psalm 46:10

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