Why Am I Doing What I'm Doing?

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One of my favorite songs is called Shine by Newsboys. The song goes through a series of “about-face” changes that can happen when you “Shine before all men and glorify the Lord.” The line that catches me most says, “The truth is in the proof is when you hear your heart start asking what’s my motivation?”
What IS my motivation? Why am I in the ministry I am in? Why am I scheduling this outreach or using this curriculum? What’s my motivation?

As Believers, this question is essential to being Christ-centered and purposeful in our ministries and in our own daily walk. How often do we do something out of expectation, ritual, or habit? When we stop asking “why,” and continually yielding our decisions to God, then we run the risk of becoming stagnant and fruitless in our ministries and in our personal relationship.  
The killer in our society is the question, “What’s in it for me?” Unfortunately many who claim the name of Christ have bought into this mindset. This is why so many of our children’s ministries struggled to get maintain adequate workers. What we all need to be asking is, “What do I have to offer, how can others benefit from my involvement.” More importantly, “What can I do to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ?”
When our sight is on God and our human nature is in check, it is easy to be motivated by the right thing~our love for God, prompting of the Holy Spirit, seeking to glorify God and further the gospel. But when our human nature takes a front seat and we start listening to our flesh, our motivation gets skewed. Paul refers to this as “selfish ambition” to the church at Philippi. 
Philippians 2:3-4
What’s your motivation? Have you become stagnant in any areas of your life or ministry? What changes has God been prompting you to make? 
2 Corinthians 5:14-17

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