Identity, Affirmation, and Authority

At the transfiguration, the Father spoke the following words about Jesus, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him! (Matthew 17:5)” As I reflect on these words, I am reminded of three important truths: identity, affirmation, and authority come from the Father.

The Father declares Jesus’ identity, “This is my Son, whom I love…”. As children and ministers of God we must know where our identity comes from. There are many competing voices today that want to define us. Jesus knew who he was and thus was able to fulfill his mission. We too must also recognize that the only voice we must listen to is the Father’s. Circumstances should not dictate our calling, but the word of the Father.

The Father also stated, “…with him I am well pleased.” Our emotional health and well-being must also flow from the Father. Have you ever wondered why Jesus could tolerate so much rejection, ridicule, and opposition? People laughed at him (Matthew 9:24), they spit on him (Mark 14:65), they even accused him of siding with Satan (Mark 3:22). Amidst all of that, Jesus continued pressing forward. How? Not only did he know who he was and the mission he was called to fulfill, but he knew he pleased the Father, and that was enough. Do you recognize that you please the Father? May the Father’s affirmation be enough for you even when you may not be receiving affirmation from the children, the parents, co-workers, leaders, or even friends.

Lastly, the Father stated, “Listen to him!” Authority comes from God. As you minister, if God has called you, then he has equipped you. If he has declared you a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then he has given you an authority by which to carry out his purposes. So many times we may be tempted to look at ourselves and question what we are doing. Who are we to be ministering as such? Moses complained about being unable to speak. Isaiah declared himself wretched. Moses, Isaiah, and others in Scripture fulfilled their purpose effectively when they focused on God and not on themselves. Ministry is not about us, but about Him.” Therefore, keep in mind that you are ministering with the authority the Father has given you. Stand on that authority and advance the kingdom of God.

Where do your IDENTITY, AFFIRMATION, and AUTHORITY come from?


I love that verse! God loves his son, He is pleased with His Son, He wants us to listen to his Son! I thought about the last phrase for a second. Listen to God.....How often do we actually consider that?

Truth be told, we don't usually do it. We always want God to hear OUR prayers, OUR cries, OUR pain. We want God and His Son listening to us. But God is saying, stop! listen to  Jesus Christ. As humans, and more prominently, sinners, we always want to do things our way.

If I could tell you all the times I thought my way was the best plan compared to God's I would never finish. Listening to Christ, will, in the end, have Him hearing our cries, and prayers, and our praises :) He has plans to prosper us, not to harm us.

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