Less me, More Him

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Less me, More Him.

I hear a lot of people say this or quote this.  I started thinking about what does this really mean. I have even heard songs about this.  Do we really get this?  My fear is that this has become one of those "Christian" buzz phrases that we use yet dont fully understand the full reality of what it really means.

John 3:30  - He must become more important while I become less important.

Otherwise heard as he must increase, he must become greater.  The list goes on. I started to think about this the other day as this verse, as some verses do sometimes, just occupied my mind and space. Surely you have had one of those days where you are walking along, minding your own business and then, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue, BAM a verse jumps up out of nowhere, grabs one of your arms, throws you to the ground and puts you in a headlock that you havent seen since your sibling got you after dinner for spilling the beans about where they hid their mashed potatos and makes you yell "Uncle" for everyone to hear.  Yea, this happened to me the other day with this verse.

So anyway, I was thinking... What does it take to become less, after all we live in a world where less is more, right? Did you know there are over 287,000,000 entries in Google for "How to become number one". Then I got a surprise and found out that there were 529,000,000 results for "How to become less" See there is hope in the world. There was even a Youtube video on how to become less popular on YouTube.  Hmm.  We really needed a video to tell us that?

Back to thinking... If I need to become less important and He needs to become more important then... I must become last..servant..If anyone wants to be first he must be last and servant of all.  Less is more

If I need to be less important and He needs to be more important then... There must be less of me in my life and more of Him.  I must surrender.

So now I need to be a surrendered servant.  

When I think of a surrendered servant I immediately think of Jesus.  Jesus gave all so that we could have all.  If I replace my attitude and life style with the example Jesus gave us to follow in the Bible, then in reality becoming more like Jesus and less like me would indeed make Him more important and me less important.

More on this later... stay tuned

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