More Truth Matters. My Interview with Selma Wilson, President of B & H Publishing Group

My recent release with Andreas Kostenberger and Josh Chatraw continues to do well. It is working its way up the charts at, being called a hot release in apologetics. I was in Nashville a few weeks ago to speak to the Broadman & Holman staff about the book and tone in engagement about Christianity. While I was there, I did an interview for them. It is now up on the B & H blog. It gives insight into what this latest book is all about.

Here is an excerpt:

Q: First, what was the motivation behind the book, Truth Matters?

A: I wrote the book to myself. What I mean by that is when I was in college, I was an agnostic. I didn’t believe. I had a lot of questions and a lot of skepticism about the Bible. I knew what it was to have those questions, and to think that way. And I’ve come in my time in ministry to know what I think the answers to those questions are. So in a very real way, this book is written to me, or someone who would have been my roommate, who was a Christian and didn’t know the answers. I roomed with a Southern Baptist and I had all these questions and he really didn’t have a clue how to answer them. The quality of his life spoke to me just as much as some of the answers he was trying to tell me. On the flipside, I thought that if he had been better equipped it would have been nice. So this book is written to me and my roommate at the time.

Q: So you had all these questions, where did you start finding your answers?

A: The first thing I saw was the quality of life that people had, they lived differently. They viewed the world differently, and that got my attention. Then having gotten my attention that way, I began to pay more serious attention to the answers they had provided. Tone came first, truth came second.

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