Back After a Long, Long Summer

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Hopefully I will be able to start posting again after a 3-month pause. This pause was due to (1) my wife's recovery from major surgery in mid-May, and (2) 5 summer school courses in 10 weeks, including one D.Min. course on Computer Tools and Internet Resources for Biblical Exegesis, a course I have taught for some 6 years now with my friend and associate Matt Blackmon, now on the faculty of Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA, who for the last two years has flown to Dallas for a week to teach the course with me. In 30 years of teaching I have never taught so many hours in summer school, but with my son a sophomore at Baylor this fall and my daughter going to Baylor in fall 2009, well, let's just say a lot of my time is now taken up with the generation of additional income...

I have had an opportunity to try out the new search engine SearchMe, which displays results in visual fashion rather than the text list format made famous by Google. The results are actually displayed as a slick Mac-like image gallery of actual web pages the user can flip through, but on each miniature page the search terms are surrounded with a color text box. Information stacks can be built and shared as well as stored (right now they are stored on the user's local HD, but in the near future online storage will be available). There are other visual search engines out there like KartOO and Tafiti, but SearchMe's interface is so clean and intuitive it stands out above the others.