Thank You for Teaching Me the Gospel

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Looking at the flannel graph through my young eyes during the morning Sunday school lesson, questions rang out from the other kids asking if they may stick the next figure onto the board. Loud answers to the teacher's questions filled the room. Our tummies growled for snack time and our energy increased for playground time.

For us kids, morning Sunday school was an hour of learning facts about God, Jesus, Bible and playing in games. Sundays usually had a dry temperature feel with stale uniformity of the Baptist culture in which pervaded the dress, speech, songs, lessons, rules and other ways of life. The church's perspective sought to reach people with the "old, old story", the gospel of Jesus. Through the dry and stale feeling came the power of God through the gospel message into a young child's heart.

For many of us who have grown older, reflection on our past can be filled with regret and complaints how others did things wrong. I am guilty of this reflection, thinking how awful the rules were and how hideous the clothes looked; however, no matter the accuracy to the claims, we are led to have a humble, thankful and praying heart. God provided the message of the gospel through people's achievements and mistakes. Yes, we can learn from our mistakes and press on to change, but where is thankfulness? Oh my! How long will thankfulness to the church for teaching me the gospel take to come?

I am twenty-seven and came to faith in Jesus Christ for salvation around six years old. It seems I had to shed off some pride as I have previously lifted myself up greater than the dry and stale Baptist traditions. My pride diminished God's plan to bring the gospel message from 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem to the 20th century in Roseville, CA. My mom was the Sunday school teacher, my dad the pastor and my savior is Jesus. Thank you for teaching a young, prideful heart the good news of Jesus (and allowing me to pass on the vanilla wafers - yuck!)!

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