The Stats - Feb 28

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I am getting feedback on the stats from the engineers and other math types among us (certainly not my gift). Apparently the elements needed to do the stats are on the Discovery Channel site. They all sense the numbers do not quite add up, that somehow the equations have been oversimplified where a Joseph junior is involved and other such factors. I'll let these ideas continue to filter in and summarize in a few days. So all you armchair calculus wizzes, this is your chance! By the way, I leave for Israel Monday. I do hope to check out some of the sites, if I can get a chance to see them (Some say that where things are located in Israel is a relevant factor to take into account!). I am still doing a whole boatload of interviews and travel to do the same Friday. All of this may mean a break or two in the blogging. The Discovery site does have some nice material, such as copies of what the inscriptions actually look like from one of the best sources for this kind of information (Rahmani's book). Still does not change the credibilit of the actual hypothesis, but some nice touches of the things archaeology has to consider.

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