Back from DC Interviews, Watch - March 2

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I am back from Washington DC today. I did a Ted Koppel special and an Anderson Cooper interview. The Koppel show will air right after the Special on Sunday. Be sure and watch it to see everyone interact. The investigative reporter and Jim Tabor are there along with others who do have challenged what they have done. Koppel does a great job moderating. The show is called The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Critical Look. And it will be. So this is a heads up.I spoke with Jim Tabor after the taping for some time. He claims they have remeasured the James ossuary and it matches. It "all depends on how one measures." Without actually seeing the two ossuaries myself and measuring there is no way to know on this. So the drama continues. I leave for Israel Monday. But I will stay connected. 

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