Check Out Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal for May 18: Two Lessons-- On Being "Out of Touch" and Engagement

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Everyone, check out Peggy Noonan's piece "out of Touch" today in the Wall Streel Journal. ( She got it right. What may be happening is that the information from the church got out there. People, including the media, saw how many errors there were in this novel that should have always only been promoted as a novel. (By the way, claims that that is all it was ever promoted as are wrong, Brown's web site has changed its take since the book was released and debunkers did their expose. Now he is saying novel only, just wanted to get the theories out and dialogue. Then he was saying all the backgroung is true; if it were non-fiction none of the backdrop would change. I believe those theories.) So engagement has exposed the novel for the fiction it is. In sum, engagement works, especially when the facts are on your side. As they say, the next few days of reaction "should be interesting."

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