One Year of Blogging - May 8

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We'll we missed the exact anniversary by two days because I was at my middle daughter's graduation for her Master's in education. She will be teaching second grade in Tenneesee.We have reached one year of blogging, avaerging a blog every other day. The most popular discussion involved Jesus' family tomb. The emergent church also got a lot of attention. The Gnostic gospels was the third key topic of the year in terms of reading and response. We will continue to blog key topics tied to Jesus, the New Testament, early Christianity, and the church, as well as issues that relate to Christians in the world.We hope that these blogs serve you well and keep you alert to what is happening in certain key areas related to the Bible and the church.We hope to make the site more user friendly inthe next year, making commenting easier. So keep your eyes and ears open for these changes.

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