Christians as Minorities Watch Turns to Pakistan - May 17

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One of the things we are doing on this blog is to make us sensitive to brothers and sisters plight around the world.This may mean establishing a "Christians as minorities" watch from other countries, so yiou can pray and be aware of what being a Christian means in other countries. Today the spotlight falls on Pakistan as a threat against Christins near the Afgan border has become public. The URL for this one comes from CNN.It is: key part of the article reads:About 500 Pakistani Christians in Charsadda, a town in the North West Frontier Province bordering Afghanistan , received letters earlier this month telling them to close their churches and convert by Thursday or be the target of "bomb explosions." Several Christians, a tiny minority in the predominantly Muslim country, have fled town and others are living in fear, community leaders said. Some complained that police were not taking the threat seriously. "Police say someone is joking with us by writing these letters," Chaudhry Salim, a Charsadda Christian leader, said during a news conference in Islamabad. "They have deployed only two policemen at our churches ... this is the kind of security we are getting now." _____So another situation to pray about. 

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