OT in the NT June 11

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I am in California currently on my annual two week teaching stint at Talbot. I also had a meeting today with editors of a book for which I am writing a major essay on the use of the OT in the NT.This essay is now in the final stages and is one of three views that will interact with each other. Zondervan is the publisher.The essay will work through multiple examples and attempt to describe how the progress of revelation works in the NT's use of the OT. How new contexts impact the meaning of a text and what it refers to will be a major concern, along with how that progress helps us to read earlier texts in light of fresh aspects of revelation with more detail and understanding for its meaning. The essay is a major update and expansion of the OT in the NT essay I wrote for INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT TEXT, released earlier this year by Crossway, a detailed study of the exegetical process.There is not yet a publication date for this book, but it should be an interesting exchange between the various views when it is released. This is one of several key projects in the works for the next few years.

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