Home from California and Luke June 15

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I am returning to Texas after my annual two week stint teaching in Los Angeles at Talbot Theological Seminary. It is an encouragement to see how students preparing for ministry are so serious about serving the Lord. We worked through the gospel of Luke and covered the gospel showing how eschatology and ethics are side by side. Just start with how John the Baptist calls the nation to readiness for the coming of the Lord in Luke 1:16-17 and Luke 3:10-14 and go on from there.In California we were able to cover topics ranging from immigration (a big topic here) to money (Luke 16) to issues tied to who Jesus is in Luke (the move to appreciating how he is who he claims to be in terms of one who will sit at God's side. A great deal of time was involved in sharing the gospel and discussion how forgiveness of sins is a key but not the only part of the good news Jesus (and later Paul) taught. The enabling work of the Spirit is also key: See Luke 3:16-17; 24:44-49; Acts 1:4-5; Acts 2; Acts 11:15-18.So we head back to Texas before leaving for Europe for a series of four conferences in July-August.

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