Announcement: Jesus in Prime Time Conference To Be Held on October 29 (June 22)

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If you are a church leader, especially in the DFW area, you may want to save the date of October 29. Others of you may want to send a member of your staff who ministers to High School, College or Early Career Age members.The Leadership Center at DTS is holding an all day conference called, Jesus in Prime Time. It is designed to discuss how Jesus is being treated in the media and help pastors, as well as college and youth leaders, get prepared to teach about Jesus in the digital age. This conference will not only treat some of the issues that have been the latest fads about Jesus, it will also spend a great deal of time treating how the media looks at this topic by engaging some leaders in different spheres of the media.The conference will have both content and media elements. Speakers include Dan Wallace, Ben Witherington, and myself on the latest of what is going on about Jesus. So we will treat the extra-biblical gospels and other ideas that have hit the best seller lists int he last few years. Dan and I will preview our upcoming book, Dethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture's Quest to Unseat the Biblical Jesus. This book takes six ideas about Jesus that have hit the best seller list in the last five years and examines them critically. But that is only the half of it. Media experts include Claire Brinberg, Producer for Anderson Cooper 360 at CNN; Deborah Caldwell of; John Ankerberg of the John Ankerberg Show; Peggy Wehmeyer-Woods, formerly religion reporter at ABC who now has a radio show for World Vision. Most pastors and church leaders do not understand how the media works or what to expect when it reports on religious issues. The conference will let you get a first hand look at how media works when it comes to religious reporting and will give you some ways to think about what many of the people in your church see when religion is covered on TV or, more importantly these days, on the Net. In addition, church leaders in the church and parachurch will discuss how they cover this issue for those they serve.All of thsi is designed to give you an update on the latest ways to do apologetics and to think through preparing your people to engage those who have questions about Jesus are also part of the program. Please pass the word on about this conference and come think through how you realte to Jesus in Prime Time.More information can be found at on the Center for Christian Leadership. Here is the full participants list:Monday, October 29, 2007Speakers: Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Dan Wallace, Dr. Ben Witherington, Peggy Wehmeyer, John Ankerberg, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Dr. Larry Moody, Dr. Mark Bailey, Deborah CaldwellLocation:Fellowship Bible Church DallasRegistration Fees:$85 per person$75 per person/groups of 10+ (registering at same time)$25 DTS staff, faculty, studentsRegistration closes Friday, October 19th at 4:30 p.m.Please contact the CCL Events Team for more information or to register over the phone at 214-841-3698. 

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