Talpiot Tomb Article in the Works for Book Summarizing the Issues - June 26

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Broadman-Holman has a book in the works on the Talpiot tomb. That is the Jesus tomb locale. Although this claim has been largely debunked, this book will be worth the read because the chapters do a nice job of putting these claims in their historical-archaeological context. Chapters look at how archaeology should be done, how burial worked in Jesus time with a run through Jesus' crucifixion and burial, first century names, and issues associated with resurrection.I am writing the concluding, summary chapter. Others contributing are Charles Quarles, Stephen Ortiz, Craig Evans, Richard Bauckham, William Dembski, Gary Habermas and Mike Licona.I am not sure yet of the release date as the chapters are just now being turned in and so I am writing my chapter in the coming weeks.

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