Home Again, Launching a New Series Aug 27

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I have returned home and dug out from the pile of mail and books awaiting me.  The new semester starts tomorrow. I am teaching a new class in First Century backgrounds that will use a library of over 39,000 pictures I have taken in the Biblical lands and key European and archaeological museums.  In the blogs to follow I will trace some of the key points I hope to make inthis class. I also will post some of the important pictures that illustrate the point in view.The class will begin with a look at Naples and Pompeii to illustrate what archaeological remains can tell us about everyday first century life. We concentrate on texts to studyhistory, but there are also the physical remains that exist, like coins, inscriptions, and papyri remains that tell us about everyday life, not to mention the actual locales thatalso leaves behind pictures, structures, sculpture and pottery to tell us about life.I hope to trace these as I move through the course. So stay tuned.....!  

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