Top Reasons Being a Leader/Sponsor at Summer Kids Camp in Texas is for Crazy People!

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#10) Being in a cabin with a room full of stinky 3rd – 5th grade boys! – Gas, shoes & wet clothes on floor = It’s what I imagine Hell smelling like. 

#9) Being in a cabin full of emotional 3rd – 5th grade girls!Drama, Drama and more Drama…I feel like crying now!!!!

#8) Eating mass produced camp food!It builds character!

#7) Dealing with the wide variety of ravenous, blood thirsty insects only found at camp!  Gimme the Raid and a Machete…and soak me in Deet!

#6) Dealing with the dumb level of joint paint that we adults over 40 must go through!  I love you ibuprofen…you’re my only friend!

#5) Filling out all of those dad-gum Camp Forms!  [email protected]#&#%&!!!!! – Sorry about that…did I just say that out loud about forms?

#4) Sleeping on Camp Beds!Chiropractors should hand out business cards here!  

#3) Adjusting to the Noise!  - Bleeding ears and uncontrollable shaking may occur…but other than that, you’ll be fine!

#2) Surviving 18 hour days!Anything to take the focus off of the Camp Beds – after 18 hours you don’t care what you sleep on. 

#1) Baking in the Texas Heat!Smell that?  That’s your brain cooking…smells like victory!!!

Enough Said…besides… I’m too tired to say anything else anyway…and my voice is gone and I smell bad too!


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