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Name: Darrell L. Bock Age: 52 Birthday: December 8 College: University of Texas Graduate School: Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM); University of Aberdeen (PhD) Major: New Testament Position: Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary; Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture, Center for Christian Leadership Research Sabbaticals: University of Tübingen (Germany) 1989-90; 1995-96 (Humboldt Scholar); 2004-2005 (Humboldt Scholar) Main Areas of Study: Gospel Studies, Luke-Acts, Historical Jesus, Hermeneutics, Integration of theology and culture Family: Wife, Sally; Children: Elisa (husband: Ray Laird), Lara (husband: Chris Stone), Stephen; Grandchildren: Aidan Laird Recent Books: Breaking the DaVinci Code Jesus in Context Jesus According to Scripture Studying the Historical Jesus Blasphemy and Exaltation in Judaism and the Jewish Examination of Jesus Luke 1:1-9:51 Luke 9:52-24:53

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