Prof McGrath and I Exchange on Dethroning and Other Interaction Dec 13

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Its Christmas, and life is exciting. Engagement is the word for the day. Responses to my pieces (CT media article and Dethroning) are coming in from other bloggers who disagree. My responses can be seen at the following sites, as well as in the most recent comments from the blog here on Nov 27 discussing Dethroning.The two relevant pieces are: Blog # 1: Jim West: most fundamental complaint is that I called Crossan and Borg liberals. Here is my response:"What is interesting is that I have been in forums with both Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan, where they refer to themselves as "liberal". I would not object to the term conservative being applied to me. I do object to the term fundamentalist. There are issues of engagement involved here. There are profound differences between fundamentalists and evangelicals (as well as among evangelicals). I have enjoyed interacting with works of Crossan and Borg and often have learned from them. I have enjoyed my engagement with them on a variety of issues. What I object to (and try to challenge) is the excluded middle fallacy they often apply to their reading of and definition of Scripture (history or metaphor). To choose one is to exclude the other. I am not at all certain it is this simple.In my books, I do not apply a theological standard to the arguments I give (In fact, in my The Missing Gospels, I specifically made this point about the method of engagement employed). I do not say in making my case that the Bible is the Word of God, so it must be. I try to present historically and culturally grounded arguments to the issues presented and arguments made (so let's step back a bit from the bibliolatry charge). The point of writing this piece was not to blame the media (sorry, Jim). I actually have regularly defended the media in my interviews, often in conservative contexts where the message would not be popular (see my blog, website noted above, from Dec 12 for a recent example). My goal in the CT article was to say to those who do not like what is said in public or THROUGH the media doing its job, engage. What better place to do that than in the public square. So I respond here noting that labels that people accept are not "labels", but those that they do not accept are. Surely there is more substance to offered in these discussions than merely complaining he called me a liberal or conservative.Darrell"  Blog # 2: James McGrath (Butler U): my response on this one, check out, the entry for Nov 27 on Dethroning. It also was submitted at the site. Full credit should be givien to Prof. McGrath for letting me know he posted a review on his site. I appreciate the fairness it reflects.

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