Comments Appreciated, Raises Dilemma Dec 17 @ Dec 13

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I appreciate all the comments coming in on the various posts. They create a dilemma for me of sorts-- and, no, it is not the time they take to respond to, since response is something we do appreciate. Rather, it is that some of the comments raise important questions or issues that deserve their own posting entry but also require a response in the comments section. I do not wish to duplicate entries. So, as I have already done on occasion, I will tell people that a significant response or issue is addressed in my reply to certain comments in a fresh post that is basically a "check this new entry out" note. To indicate that a posting is that kind of entry, from now on I will give it an @ symbol followed by the date of the comment loacation, so you can know that I am highlighting a response ot a comment, as well as what date to locate it at. This way when your RSS or subscription note gives the posting title you can know immediately what type of entry it is.For example, this post is redirecting you to a comment I made in response to a query on Crossan and Borg's woks. In it, I responded by looking at their latest book, The First Christmas. It is a full entry, so it is easy to locate under the Dec 13 post on McGrath et al. The comment is entitlted "Jim West, Bryan L, and Crossan and Brog's First Christmas dlb." Enjoy. Please let me know if this kind of labeling and redirection is helpful. We are trying to be efficient here, and think this labeling may help to solve the dilemma. It does mean that new, important postings will show up in two places (in comments or in new posts).   

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