Interacting with Islam and Joint Christian-Islamic Statements Feb 9 08

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Many may not be aware of a joint statement issued last winter between moderate Islamic leaders and many evagelicals. It was a first tentative step toward a call for dialogue. It produced some reaction in the evangelical community, showing just how sensitive living in a pluralistic religious global context can be. This week Duane Litfin, one of the evengelical who signed the statement, withdrew his name from the letter (along with the school's provoist and chaplain). What makes this news to note is the explanation he gives about why he changed his mind. It shows the difficuly the entire area raises. I think Litfin's explanation is clear in revealing the complexities of such issues. It is well expressed. Christianity Today reporte on this story and here is the link so you can think through the issue as well. original statement comes from the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. Here is the link:

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