More Israel: Jericho and a Firing Range May 29.08

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Well, today we visited Jericho, both the Old City Tell and the Monastery that is the traditional location of the Temptation. The monastery was 3/4th the way up a cliff and is reachable by an Austrian Cable Car. The area is now controlled by the Palestinian Authority. In addition, we saw the traditional tree Zacchaeus climbed.Tonight, in change of plans, we heard a lecture on the Herodion and Herod's tomb by Hebrew University Professor Ehud Netzer. The site was fresh in our mind because we saw it yesterday. It was informative to hear how it was discovered and the reasons he thinks it is 98% likely it is Herod's tomb area. The lecture was held at the Bible Lands Museum which also has a nice collection of materials.Tomorrow is Samaria, more West Bank roaming. In some ways the highlight of the day was a drive down Allon Road between Jerusalem and Jericho, the site used in Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan. It was spectacular in the extent of the wilderness and its scope, as well as all the hiding places robbers could use. We managed to wander near an old firing range of the Israeli army by accident. A fallen sign laying on the road tells all. The picture speaks for itself!Danger!         

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