The Good Samaritan and Shiloh May 29.08

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Today was quite a day in the West Bank. We went to Mt. Gerizim, near Nablus (Shechem) in the West Bank. We met a Samaritan priest whose family line goes back to the beginning of the priests. Not only did we get to see the mountain, but he gave us a tour of the Samaritan Museum he created 13 years ago. Here is the picture of our visit (Husney Cohen, Stephen Bremer and Myself).Samaritan Priest Husney Cohen Showing Us Torah Scrolls at Gerizim            We also went to Shiloh, where the Tabernacle once was present. This is an old mound, but still was dramatic. Most amazing of all was I ran into one of my closest friends leading a tour from Denver (Danny Carroll, who teaches OT at Denver Seminary). Neither of us knew we were there. What are the odds of that?Finally what really capped off the day was that a Palestinian brother led us around and introduced us to the priest. He told us the trials of being a Palestinian believer in the land today. Neither Jew nor Muslim, the pressure is enormous. Pray for these brave Christian leaders.The picture below is of the tabernacle area at Shiloh.Shiloh Tabernacle Area          

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