Hezekiah's Tunnel and Up to Nazareth May 30.08

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Hezekiah diverted the Springs of Gihon during an Assyrian assult to bring water inside the city some 700 years before Christ. His tunnel is a marvel. The trip is a forth minute walk through limestone axed out by teams coming from two directions until they met. That is what makes the feat so amazing. The cold spring water mostly stays at the ankles, but does come up about three feet at points. The walk was quite an experience. It requires a flashlight as you can see. If everyone turns them off it is as dark as can be.We also took a drive up the Mediterranean coast to Dor and Akko (Ptolemais). Paul stopped at the second port city. We are now in Nazareth. The picture below is of Dor. Ancient Port of Dor          

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