Historical Jesus Group in Israel to Meet to Wrap Up Decade Long Project June 4.08

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Our annual meeting, supported by Bible.org and a part of the Institute for Biblical Research, is wrapping up a decade long project in Jerusalem in the next two weeks. All the participants have arrived. Filming of our work will also take place. Those here are: Craig Evans, Klyne Snodgrass, Brent Kinman, Michael Burer, Rikk Watts, Grant Osborne, Michael Wilkins, Bob Webb and myself.We are considering papers on historiography, resurrection and a summary paper. Today the group toured the Old City and especially the Southern Steps and Western Wall areas of the Temple, including up on the Temple Mount. For several participants it has been 20 years since they were here and much has changed.Our hope is to publish down the road our results. So we shall keep you posted.


Dr Bock:

Are you planning to lead a tour throughout Jerusalem again in the near future? If so, how does one go about signing up for that.


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It probably will happen, but I do not know when yet. This was with Insight for Living. They are going again next summer, but I am not on it, as I am leading a student tour to Italy, Greece and Turkey.dlb

Dr. Bock,
We are all waiting for this publication! I am praying that the filming and the writing goes well!

Ben Pascut

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Ben:We shall keep you posted!dlb

Can't wait for the book! Many thanks to all you excellent Christian scholars who work so hard!

God Bless!

Thanks.Your blog is useful.

You reply is useful too :)

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