Filming Starts June 8.08

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The IBR Jesus Project started filming work today. We worked on the Cleansing of the Temple at the Southern Steps and the Last Supper at a home designed to recreate the scene in Ein Kerem. This is the traditional locale of where Mary met Elizabeth as well as the traditional home of John the Baptist when he was growing up. A museum to recreate the feel of biblical life exists there. One discussion took place in the morning, while the other was in the afternoon. Day of Discovery is putting these together for us. There are seven, thirty minute shows planned with conversations about our project and Jesus. The core of the show involves conversation between the IBR participants and the show's host, Mart DeHann. The weekely program has an audience of over a million a week. Two pictures follow: one at the Southern Steps, the other indicating how the Last Supper took place. Here is the scene at the Southern Steps with the film crew plus Mart DeHann, Mike Wilkins, Craig Evans and Klyne Snodgrass (participants are named from bottom to top). IBR Jesus Group on the Southern Steps          The second picture is of the group working the Last Supper (left to right: Robert Webb, Mart DeHann, Darrell Bock, Mike Wilkins). Doing an interview while reclining ancient style was quite an experience! IBR Jesus Group and Last Supper Discussion          

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