Summing Up on Jesus June 17.08

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I am currently in California for my annual trek to Talbot to teach the Life of Jesus in two weeks (Whew!). While here I am also wrapping up an essay on an evangelical take on the historical Jeus for a book that will feature six widely divergent views on the question. It is a challenge to try and summarize debated aspects of Jesus' career in no more than forty pages, but that is the assignment.I will be trying to look at a representative sample of activities within Jesus' ministry that one can corroborate by common criteria, as well as look at certain key events (yes, there is an overlap with the IBR Jesus project in making the case this way). The effort tries to establish how Jesus presented himself as at the hub of era change and then how he developed that picture to indicate who he was and is. Jesus spends much time in the gospels explaining what he is bringing with him. That is often lost in such discussions, so I am trying to make sure that the question of who he is does not crowd out what he does and what he brings–and why. I do not yet have a release date for this book in which there are so many contributors who run the spectrum of appraoches to the question. Nonetheless, the book shoudl be interesting when it is released.

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