In Hong Kong Teaching July 2.08 (Updated July 4)

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Just a short note for now to say I start teaching at a Bible Seminar in Hong Kong today. I will be here much of the week. Then I go to Taiwan and Myanmar. I will have more later. My responsibility is to teach on issues tied to Acts. I also will speak at a graduation here. In the meantime, my article on the Historical Jesus for a six views book has just been submitted. In other words, a full summer. I will have more detail later when things slow down.The Conference is going well. It meets at a church that has a 19 story bulding for its campus. The basketball court is on the 19th floor! I am sure it is the highest basket in Asia if not the world! I am teaching with my colleague from DTS, Ronald Allen. I also did a conference with Chosen People Ministries (Hong Kong), opening up their public ministry in China. The Chinese are so open to the gospel. They also are wonderful hosts.Yan Fook Bible Lecture (Hong, Kong, China)

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