A Recommendation for Those Interested in Messianic Christianity - August 7

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Messianic Judaism is a kind of stepchild in the Christian movement. Many criticisms of this movement come from "anti-missionaries". Anti-missionaries are Jewish writers who wish to challenge the claim that Christianity is any kind of natural extension or fulfillment of Judaism. This debate about Christianity with Judaism goes back centuries and has traditions stretching back to Christians and rabbis. There is now an excellent multi-volume resource that treats such objections thoroughly and one at a time. It is written by Michael Brown and is entitled ANSWERING JEWISH OBJECTIONS TO JESUS. It will have four voluems when it is completed. Three are now out. The volumes also discuss issues tied to law and grace and Jewish practice within the movement. The work is well done. The history iof the debate is often noted as the answers are given. Not every answer is convincing, but the vast majority are very much so -- and all the options and choices are there. This is a wonderful resource for study of the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

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