Semester Starts, Jesus Talk Continues - August 25

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Well, our seminary semester launches next week. We still hope to be blogging away. My commentary listing has taken a "kleine Pause" as the Germans call it (a slight pause). 2 Corinthians will resume it next week. Meanwhile the Jesus talk continues as the OT and NT department at Dallas gave the faculty an update on recent issues tied to the Testaments. Much time was spent on the various Jesus books that have appeared this year and hit the best seller lists. An area people know little about are the claims sometimes made that the story of Jesus is really rooted in mythic parallels from the Greco-Roman gods. This claim is old but is being rehyped in a series of books by a pair of British authors (Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy). The books are frustrating in that they never document precisely the ancient sources they claim the Jesus story comes from (which means dates and sources are not precisely revealed to the reader). They just vaguely summarize the supposed parallels. Their picture is a composite of a variety of pagan sources and their descriptions of Jesus indiscriminately mix biblical and traditional points about Jesus, which allows them to expand their parallels list. In the weeks ahead we will trace these so-called links some more and analyze them, since there are only a few evengelcial works that touch on this. Those that do include a section of REINVENTING JESUS (By Wallace, Sawyer and Komoszewski), as well as works by Ron Nash, THE GOSPEL AND THE GREEKS and Stan Porter, UNMASKING THE PAGAN CHRIST.

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