Missing Gospels Reviews - August 26

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Well, they are starting to come in. The reviews of the Missing Gospels have started from the newspapers, a good sign when they review the book, One of the goals of the book is to get the information into the hands of people inside and outside the church. A few weeks ago the Boston Globe reviewed the work positively. Today the Dallas Morning News weighed in. This review is fair and positive on the key point, showing that the missing gospels with their Gnostic roots and Christianity are very distinct in their theology. The review uses the expression that the missing gospels have theology ideas alien to traditional Christianity, a good phrase. The one complaint was I intentionally did not address the fathers objections to such material in detail. The review is right. I did not engage it because those who like the missing gospels material have claimed it is not fair to use them to discuss the topic. In addition, their discussions fall outside the key first century period that was the key point in showing that Gnostic ideas are not as early as the Christian ones. No one debates this material was an influence int he second century and had to be engaged, the question surrounds its influence in the first century. Both reviews can be googled easily.

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