May 11, 2006

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I am in New York this week for various events tied to the DaVinci Code. Last night I spoke with 120 people tied to the UN. These were diplomats and members of the UN staff from around the world who came to hear about the historical issues tied to the claims of the novel. I spoke for an hour and took questions for 20 minutes. This event was hosted by the Christian Embassy, a great minstry to that community. It was a fascinating time, especially when I got to speak with several of the members while signing copies of Breaking the DaVinci Code after the lecture. Many of those attending were believers with Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe well represented. In addition, many countries were represented from other parts of the world that might surprise you. It is clear that this novel has created curiosity for all sorts of people and that the need to get good information about it extends worldwide. I will have more to say about these events in New York as each one comes along. Today there will be a news conference about a debate I will have at the Hilton on Monday night at 7 PM EDT. This involves myself, an Orthodox Jew and a messianic Jew for a Jewish take on the novel. This will be streamed live over the internet and can be viewed at Log in and you are welcome to see it. It also will be archived at this site. I think it will be an instructive exchange. One final note. CT has a new post today on its site that contains a very brief interview with me about the Judas gospel. It can be seen at I almost forgot. I was at for an hour yesterday afternoon to speak with their staff about the Code. That interview will post soon. Finally, the New Yorker magazine will have a Code story on Christian response out Monday. More to come soon...


I was unable to see the recent debate involving yourself, an orthodox Jew & a Messianic Jew. Is an audio copy or transcript available?

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No, unfortunately, we had an agreement only for a live feed and one replay.


Some friends of mine who are of a more traditional dispensationalist mindset have raised the argument with me that Progressive Dispensationalism (PD) can at least in theory not include a belief in the Pretribulation Rapture of the church, and on that basis reject PD. My question is--does PD entail a belief in Pre-trib rapture, or can it function without it? (My sympathies lie w. PD, but I'm also a staunch "pretibber"). BTW thanks for answering my question on your recent debate.

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The short answer to your question is that not even traditional dispensationalism prevents the possibility of not being pre-trib. Robert Gundry said he was dispensational, long before PD, and held to post-tribulationism. The vast majority of PD's I know are pre-trib. So I am afraid your friends observations are not correct. The issue revolves around how one sees the "transition" to the millennium before Israel is in place during or at the end of the tribulation. The rapture, the large majority of dispensationalists of any stripe, take to mean the removal of the church and the shift to Israel. But if one places the rapture at the end of the tribulation, as Gundry did, then one can distinguish the church and Israel throughout the tribulation, as Dispensationalism does, and hold to post-tribulationism.

Dr. Bock, the question I have here is what does the rapture, especially pre-trib, do to the continuity of the new 'People of God'? Are those gentiles redeemed during the tribulation considered members of the church? If so, how would their membership in Christ correspond to the promises to the church of salvation from the "wrath," per 1 Thess 5:9, etc. Thanks, Mark

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Mark: There is a unity to the people of God ultimately. These saints are Christians and member of a body in transition, awaiting Jesus' return just as saints today do- yet also awaiting their involvement in the kingdom to come in a manner different from those raptured.dlb

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