Ephesians - Sept 28

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This is another key book. Here pride of place goes to Harold Hoehner's commentary. It is thorough in its handling of the Greek text. The NIV Application commentary by Klyne Snodgrass is also quite good, the best for lay people. Less conservative on authorship but still full of good observations is Andrew Lincoln's handling of the book in the Word series. Other technical commentaries are by Ernest Best and Markus Barth.


Dr. Bock,

Thank you for this wonderfully informative blog! Regarding your recommendations for commentaries on Ephesians, I noticed you did not mention Peter O'Brien's work in the Pillar series. Is this omission intentional?

Dr. Bock, wahat are your thoughts on O'Brien's Commentary in the Pillar Series?

D.A. Carson has regerded it as one of the best on Ephesians in his New Testament Commentary book.

Thanks for your work and your ministry.


What about Peter O'Brien's commentary on Ephesians?

Dr. Bock,

What are your thoughts on Dr. O'brien's commentary? I have it, along with Hoehner's, and I find O'brien just as good, if not better.


I am wondering that you did not even mention Peter O' Brien because as fas as I know, his commentary on Ephesians have been regarding the best by many reviewers including D.A. Carson.

What about O'Brien's commentary on Ephesians? D.A. Carson put it as the best commentary for Ephesians.

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