Away at the EFCA, among other things - Jan 26

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Sorry, I have been incommunicado. Lots happening. Semester started. Various writing projects due, including the completion of lectures for Israel in March (one of four lectureships this semester), plus two articles related to Jesus and blasphemy (one in the upcoming Bulletin for Biblical Research). Then the ministers meeting of the EFCA (Evengelical Free Chruch of America) where they were discussing eschatology and contemplating changing their doctrinal statement to include amillennialism. So present were Elliott Johnson (Trad Dispensationalism), Douglas Moo (Historical Premillennialism), Greg Beale (Inaugurated Millennialism, also often associated with amillennialism) aand myself (Progressive Dispensationalism). We each had an hour to present our thinking and then had to respond to the others plus a total of two hours of questions. Pretty full two days. Add to that a men's retreat on Jesus in the public square and launching a Sunday school class on Christian history from Jesus to Constantine and you have the life of a professor. It was a great time both on the retreat and with the EFCA. (The EFCA is the denomination that supports Trinity International University and Seminary). If any of you were at this conference, I'd love to hear your impressions and what took palce after we left. So next week, I promise to resume the parables survey and get back into blogging gear.

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