A Message in a Bottle: Texting the Scriptures

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We are sending out an SMS to the world.
At Bible.org we are resolved, to be continually endeavoring to find out some new invention and contrivance to promote the reading of the Scriptures for the growth and development of the body of Christ worldwide.

If you have a mobile phone with SMS (text messaging) capabilities you can now receive a small portion of the NET Bible one text message at a time. Simply text a verse reference to 1-409-316-3824 (1-409-31N-ETBI). It will promptly reply via text message the Bible verse(s) you requested.
So tell your friends! Tell the world.
Want some more details?
Smart phones and feature phones are not required for this service. A basic cell phone with voice and texting abilities will work. Just read about the potential impact of SMS in the developing world. Being able to text message the NET Bible is that important.
This service can handle standard abbreviations for book titles (e.g., "John" or "Jn"; "Romans" or "Rom" but not "Rm").
However this tool requires that users separate the book title from the verse reference with a space ("John 3:16" not "John3:16"). The chapter and verse need to be separated with either a colon (3:16) or a period (3.16). "John 3:16" or "Jn 3.16" are perfectly acceptable requests.
The reply is limited to a maximum of 160 characters in length as most text messaging services allow for. If your service has a lower character limit the reply will be shorter to fit the restrictions on your phone.
Bible.org provides the text message response of the NET Bible verse for free. Standard text messaging rates may apply
If you would like to help support Bible.org as we provide this service free of charge for users please consider donating. Imagine the global impact this simple tool can have for the gospel. Thank you.

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