Oh, By the Way, About Jesus’ Nails

Ah, yes, it is Easter season. Time for all the strange theories about Jesus to surface and get their 15 seconds of fame. This year it is the claim we have found the nails that Jesus was crucified with, courtesy of Simon Jacobvichi, who last supposedly found Jesus’ tomb.

The story is here, thanks again to CNN.

Nails used to crucify Jesus found?

The History Channel, not having learned from the Jesus Tomb debacle years ago, will air this special. The argument is that two nails, now at a University site in a box, were found at the site of Caiaphas’ tomb, something the man who did the dig denies. (He says they do not have the nails he found). Jacobvichi claims Caiaphas kept them as a kind of talisman in his tomb. But how did Caiaphas get access to Jesus’ body which the Romans had responsibility for when Jesus was crucified? Also how did the nails become detached from the bone? The one find we have of a crucified man has the nail in the bone it ran through still in it. So perhaps like the Jordanian claim about special lead tablets earlier this holiday season, we now seem to be 0 for 2 in this year’s Easter sensationalism sweepstakes.