Part X: The Lord of the Scroll – The Scroll of Authority Revealed!

The Scroll of Authority (1) is the original title deed to rule planet Earth given to the first Adam by God. This scroll stated that man was to be the ruler over Earth but only for a finite period of time (Matthew 8:29. Revelation 12:12). Once Satan had manipulated Adam and Eve into sin, he took the scroll, placed seven booby trap seals on it, and hid it where he thought no man could retrieve it – in the Abyss of Hades. This he did to maintain his rule on planet Earth beyond the terms of the Scroll of Authority (i.e., indefinitely). However, it seems Satan did not consider that God would become Man (1). (John 1:1,14)

Jesus not only took our sin to the Abyss (1) for eternal storage but, upon leaving (1), retrieved the Scroll of Authority. By taking the Scroll of Authority, He restored the authority to rule planet Earth to a man since He is the Man who is also God (Matthew 28:18, Revelation 1:18). Now when the terms of the lease are revealed by opening the scroll – and then satisfied – Satan could be evicted from His position as God of this World (2 Corinthians 4:4). Why not evict Satan sooner? I am glad you asked?

The first Adam, who was the original ruler of Earth, made a legal covenant with Satan by submitting to him in sin. Consequently, God being JUST must honor this covenant, thus giving Satan authority to rule (i.e., the right to use his archangel power) in the WORLD system (1 John 5:19) he has built on Earth for the time specified originally to the first Adam in the Scroll of Authority (Acts 26:18. Ephesians 2:2). Furthermore, there is the problem of Satan’s booby traps on the scroll. Satan designed them such that the breaking of each seal would release destruction upon the very creature that God wanted to rescue – mankind! This was Satan’s backup plan to keep the terms of the lease from being revealed and fulfilled, thus an attempt to ensure his rule over the world indefinitely.

Consequently, God made way for those that by faith have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior to survive the destruction or tribulation even as those in Noah’s ark escaped the flood’s destruction (1 Peter 3:20). That is, the Body of Christ (aka, the Bride of Christ or the Church) is God’s Ark to preserve mankind living on planet Earth before the time comes to break the Scroll’s Seals. All that accept God’s MERCY by entering the Ark will be saved from the release of WRATH during this time – referred to as the time of Great Tribulation – by being translated (1) immediately to Heaven to join the rest of those that have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior (1) before they fell asleep (i.e., died) in both the Old and New Covenant time periods (3) (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. 1 Thessalonians 5:9. Matthew 24:21. 2 Corinthians 5:8).

Remember, refusal of the greater MERCY leaves only the WRATH. (1) Consequently, with those that believe taken to Heaven before the Seals of the Scroll are opened (Revelation 4:4) (2), this means that what Satan meant for a booby trap becomes an instrument or tool for divine judgment of WRATH on those that have refused the greater MERCY freely made available to all. Nevertheless, those who call upon the Lord can still be saved (Revelation 7:13,14). Why? Because MERCY triumphs over JUDGMENT and God’s MERCY is FOREVER! (James 2:13. Psalms 136) Nevertheless, many will not turn to the Lord during this time and will be eternally destroyed (Revelation 9:20,21.Revelation 16:9-11.Revelation 20:11-15).

So, how can a God that is GRACE, MERCY, and COMPASSION pass JUDGMENT for destruction? Because His Great MERCY is extended to all equally, and He waits patiently for all to accept it (Matthew 5:45. 2 Peter 3:9). However, when the point is reached that a person or persons by an act of their will decide to never change from serving evil (Satan) to serving good (God), then the only thing left is a JUDGMENT of WRATH that will keep them from affecting the MERCY to be received by those that have chosen to serve God. That is, the MERCY for the future of those that have chosen to serve God trumps the present MERCY extended to all resulting in the removal of those that have chosen to serve evil.

When the Scroll of Authority is revealed to those in Heaven (i.e., to those that had accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior (1) from both the Old and New Covenants Revelation 4:4 (3)), no one in Heaven, on Earth or in Hades was found worthy to open its seals (Revelation 5:2-4). Then the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world appears – the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! (Revelation 5:5-7. John 1:29. 1 John 2:2) Jesus alone is the sinless God-Man that has the authority to open the seals – an authority He purchased with His own blood (Revelation 5:9-14. Isaiah 28:15-18). Jesus, who came in the flesh, is Lord! (1 John 4:2,3. 1 Corinthians 8:6. 1 Corinthians 12:3) 

The end begins!

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Dear friend, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul. 
(3 John 1:2 NET)

(1) Select the link to open another article in a new tab with additional information.

(2) Note the flow of the Book of the Revelation (Revelation 1:19) is things that John saw contained in Revelation Chapter 1, the things that are Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 (i.e., things presently happening in the Church Age), and the things that will be in the future in Revelation Chapters 4-22.

(3) Note: Those not able to choose for themselves (1) (e.g., aborted babies, mentally challenged, etc.) are also in Heaven.

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